When there is examination, there is stress. Managing stress in examination hall is one thing; but if a student is able to manage the preparation time well, obviously taking the examination becomes easier. So, this time at hand must be used judiciously.

Digital detox: Before embarking on any journey, make sure to clean your environment of any digital equipment like- television, tablets, mobiles etc. these are a huge distraction.

If complete detox is not possible, then limit your exposure in the preparation time and until the exams are over.

You could add in your time table the television and internet, so that you do not cheat yourself of the precious time in preparation.

Make a time table:

As exams approach, all the subjects need to be studied regularly to see any sort of improvement. And, a time table should be followed everyday with commitment.

Write and learn

Not everything in detail must be written, but important facts, dates and points can definitely be written down for the last minute revision.

It is not possible to go through the entire book in one day before the examination.

Mark important portions

Again pay attention to the important things and mark these with the guidance of your teacher. This will come in handy at the last moment.

Frame question:

Student should also make the effort to frame questions from within the chapter and reframe the questions you already have. Devote half an hour everyday to this.


Taking proper in between breaks is equally important. Further it is also important to give rest to your body and mind, so take a good night’s sleep.

Progress checker

You have been studying and revising, but checking your progress will give you much more confidence.

Play time:

One should devote at least half an hour to a favourite sport every day. It will keep you fresh and at the same time physically and mentally active.

Manage tension/stress:

Close your eyes and drawout all the noise in the mind spend five minutes with yourself everyday. Meditate or write down clearly as to what you want to achieve in the preparation time and as well as from these exams. Set goals and at the end of the day, assess these goals.

Some Anxiety Reduction


  • Take a deep breath
  • Hold it for three seconds
  • Exchale audibly all at once and let your head, jaw and shoulders drop.
  • Breathe easy ‘into’ your neck, jaw and shoulders and breathe again into the relaxed state.
  • Repeat cycle once or twice.


“All the Best”


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