“Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.” – Dale Carnegie
Success is not easy to achieve. It comes those who devote the time and energy to achieve their goals. And also ready to face failures with courage. Success and failure is like a coin. There are some proven techniques that guarantee success. There are
*Setting up a goal
* Need for action plan.
* Improving self concept.
* Need for time Management.
* Optimistic
Setting up a goal : One should first to set a goal and it should be a self chosen goal. Goals help one drives in a correct direction and motivates all actions. Then one should write down the short term goals and long term goals.

I Short term goals
1.To score 100 marks in quarterly Exam
Action plan to achieve the goal
* Will do home work every day between 4.00am and 6.00 am.
* Refer to previous years’ question papers.
* Will keep every Sunday evening free for writing a short test on the question papers.

II Long term goals
1.To become a marine engineer
Action plan to achieve the goal
* will maintain physical fitness by Doing exercises and playing football.
* will concentrate on mathematics, Applied mathematics, physics and Chemistry
* will read a lot of books and journals on marine engineering.
* will meet marine engineering Graduates and get guidance.
* will do methodical preparation for the entrance exam for professional courses.

2. To inculcate a positive frame of mind.
Action plan to achieve the goal
* will do yoga for at least 10 minutes a day.
* will read the biography of great leaders who led successful lives.
* will befriend only those who are Positive in outlook.
* will take up tasks both in school and at home with a ‘Yes I can’ mentally.
Improving self concept : To succeed, one has to have high esteem of one’s own ability. Through this we can build on our strengths we can raise our self belief. One can know about himself in terms of qualities, skills, characteristics, strength and weakness. Then make a WEED LIST and SEED LIST. Think of all your bad habits and drawbacks and list them under the ‘WEED LIST’. Put down the positive qualities you would like to cultivate under the ‘SEED LIST’.

1. Wasting money
2. Being short tempered
3. Delaying actions
4. Sleeping in the afternoons
5. Forgetful

1.Helping others
2.Seeking perfection in everything
3.Not gossiping
5.Obeying the parents
Need for time management: Once we select a goal, we should constantly remind ourselves of it and make it part of our being. Things done on a day should be prepared and the time spent on each thing noted. It will help you to find out how much of our time was spent on useful things and how much was wasted. Another useful habit of successful people is keeping a diary which helps us review and monitor our progress.
Optimism: To focus totally on the pursuit of a goal, one has to shed self doubt, gain confidence and expect only the expect only the best. Such an optimism is born of the certainty that one is on the right path. This is the surest way to reach goals. If one plans one’s work, implements it and continues to be optimistic.


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