The word ‘punctuation’ is derived from the Latin word. ‘punctum’ which means a ‘point’. Hence Punctuations is the art of putting in points, stops or marks in writing. A sentence, in the absence of Punctuation can be ambiguous and equivocal. All of us might have learnt these kind of explanations in our early school days. But now I am not going to handle any English grammar class. At the same time, is that only Grammar is taught in Grammar……….? Does it not teach us more than just………? Grammar……? Yes, it does


The most commonly used marks of Punctuation:
1) Full stop (or period) = (.)
2) Interrogative ( ?)
3) Exclamation (!)
4) Comma (,)
5) Semicolon (;)
6) Dash (_)
7) Parentheses ( )
8) Colon ( : )
9) Capital Letter A, B, C
10) Apostrophe ( ‘)
11) Quotation Marks (“ ”)
(or) Inverted commas
12) Hyphen ( -)
13) Oblique or Virgule (/)

Among these PUNTUATIONS………… question marks, commas, Dots and Exclamation marks…. Have something really more than just Grammar. They give us hidden message of how exactly, life should be led.

Question Marks…….
It really “teaches” us…..? Ask QUESTIONS….!! Are we doing everything, that we do with the complete understanding of what we are doing….? Why are we doing it……? The answer would be “No” most of the time when we start asking questions to our- selves about everything that we do in our daily life, we will do it with more involvement and care. For example, our elders always cajoled us into waking in the morning and go for a walk but we never turn up to them. Because we never ask our self, “why they keep on saying this?

A respect conveys that if we wake up early in the morning
– feel more energetic
– get time to exercise
– feel happier
– we’ll never be stressed
– will be more productive
– get better sleep in night
– lower our risk of depression and not just that….. the fresh air of early morning keeps our brain more active
We may miss these benefits because we never questioned “Why are we asked to do it? …”
So hereafter let us put a question mark in everything we are doing and in everything we were insisted to do.

Its use mainly depends upon the sense of a sentence and gives us a wonderful lesson for life……
Almost all of us will admit that in recent day, social media like FB, viber and many more has taken our golden time away from us. Has it not…..? who is the reason for that……? It’s nobody else, but ‘WE’. We do not dare to put a comma for such things. If we do care to apply a comma then we will increase the quality of the time that we spend with our family, to read books, and give us an opportunity to think about our future etc. But I’m not insisting to stay away from it, just a comma now and then.
Comma could be a real turning point of our life, you can ponder and try executing.

Full stop
It represents the longest pause. It teaches us a beautiful pause and it teaches us a beautiful lesson to adore in our life “stop doing it…!!”…We all know a DOT means putting something to an end. There may be few things in our life, to which we must really put an end to. They are Anger, Lust, Jealosy Greed, Hatred, Vengeance etc. It’s never too late to keep a Dot for such things, but keep it in mind doing it on Time will make the Dot even more beautiful.

Exclamation Marks…
It is an expression of sudden outburst of an emotion like, joy, surprise, regret etc….,
Be excited of this beautiful life. An exclamation mark reflects a positive altitude and gives hidden message to us.
1. Appreciate others talents.
2. Surprise your beloved ones with gifts.
3. Cherish the triumph you won etc.

This world is full of excitements and enjoyments, we should identify it. A famous quote says “Every man is a wonderful book, only we should know how to read him” and like wise “every day is a beautiful day, only we should know how to live it”.
Lead your life with appropriate punctuations applied at the right time and right place. All the very best for a fulfilling life through 2016 and afterward.
– A. Agila M.A, B.Ed

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