Is it “Education and Learning” or “ Education or Learning” ?


Education is essential and fundamental for all of us. When I referred what is the exact meaning of Education from, it goes like “The knowledge /skill obtained or developed by a learning process” and dictionary meaning of Learning is “the act of acquiring new or modifying and reinforcing, existing knowledge, behaviors, skills or values or preferences may involve synthesizing different types of information”. The ability to learn is possessed by Humans, animals, plants and some machines. So what is more important is it the Education or Learning? Or is it equally important?

If you take Sixty years back Education was topping the list. That was the time when British left India. So there was a huge requirement of educated people to fill the seats of the British Doctors, Engineers, Officers , Lawyers, etc… Hence the learning process was taking a step back.
Thirty years back this Scenario changed, education and Learning were considered equally essential part of an efficient human. But today learning tops the list. So there is a drastic disruptive change happening now. With changes happening fast, and generation gap widening in few years time, the one who catches up with a much faster learning would eventually win the Race.


I would like to narrate an incident in Gandhiji’s life. Once an educated M.A. History person went to Gandhiji’s Ashram for a job. Gandhiji said him that he was running just a small Ashram and he asked him in what ways he could be beneficial for the Ashram. He asked whether he knew type writing, for getting his outgoing letters typed and sent. That gentleman said “No”, then Gandhiji asked him whether he knew driving. He said, “No” again and told that he was an M.A. History in an authoritative tone. Left with no other option Gandhiji also said No for the job. In the above case person has valued Education more than continuous learning and he missed every common opportunity of Learning.
The changing trends
In today’s world there are Courses and Nano degrees available on online platform so anybody can learn anything any time. I don’t think such a remarkable time has come anytime in the past for a person with hunger for learning. Anybody, Any age, Any time who is curious for learning, a whole lot of new world is waiting to embrace them. There is an equal opportunity for every citizen of this world to learn faster than Education i.e,. what degrees can offer.
Today people are coming forward to accept failures which was not so in the past. But still people believe that a person who ventures on an entrepreneurial journey, has done so because he did not get a good job. I feel people should consider a good job and entrepreneurial spirit, just the same. I could see in days ahead where father of a daughter would consider an entrepreneur as a best match, as equal to a man with good job for his daughter.
Learning should be a continuous process with experiments, overcoming failure towards a beautiful success which would be disruptive. Because people who believe in changes with continuous learning are the one who actually do make the change and who are the savior of the next generation of mankind. There is always something which can be “and” instead of only, “or” in this world . So strike a balance, education is like a writing pen, but what it writes is more important than the pen itself ,which happens from Brain the cradle of Learning .
I conclude this blog by a quote from sir Richard Branson
“My biggest motivation? Just to keep challenging myself . I see life almost like one long University education that I never had – everyday I’ m learning something new.”

– Dr. Naveen Thiyagu


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